Remote Charging Kit
Remote Charging Kit

Remote Charging Kit

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Single POE 2A kit
Remote iPad Charging Kit - up to 300ft away!

This is an iPad charging solution (any version iPad, or any other USB device) from a power outlet up to 300ft away. Plug one end to an electrical outlet, and plug your original charging cable to the USB jack on the other end.

Includes 2Amp power supply, power injector, power convertor and USB charging jack. Standard network cable needed (any CAT 3,4,5, 5e or 6 cable will do) for the desired length. 

Various length network cables are available here. 

* Internationally compatible, 110v-240v 50hz/60hz , (US electrical plug to the local country outlet adaptaer will be needed). 
* Note: This kit also enables the use of the network cable for 100Base-T Ethernet communication at the same time (Power Over Ethernet).