About Us


iPad Wall Bracket is based in northern New Jersey, USA. We are a group of enthusiastic entrepreneurs who enjoy developing web based products as well as applications for iPhone and iPad, primarily for business use.
When the first iPad was introduced we searched for a solution to securely mount iPads in retail locations. We could not find a product to fulfill this need, so we decided to create one ourselves, and make it available to other iPad users and developers with similar needs.
Today iPad Wall Bracket products are sold in over 60 countries worldwide.  Our brackets and accessories are being utilized in retail stores, trade shows, corporate offices and medical clinics,  as well as restaurants, museums, colleges, libraries, upscale hair salons, and for home entertainment and automation.  iPad Wall Bracket products are an enabler to an unbelievable number of iPad Apps and uses, and with valuable customer feedback, we continue to imagine and create countless more.
Our goal is to create products that are high quality and secure through elegant simplicity. Combing decades of experience in high-end product design, graphic design and marketing,  we strive to create products that are stylish, functional and reliable.
We hope you enjoy our products and use them to create new and innovative solutions for your business,  customers, and at home.
We would love to hear how you showcase our products, as well as your feedback and answer any questions. Please use "Contact" at the top of this page to write to us.


iPad Wall Bracket Team

Customer testimonials:

"The iPad Wall Mount worked great for our application.  The iPad serves as a central controller for the smart home including temperature settings, lighting control, video surveillance and music streaming.  The team at iPad Wall Mount is first rate and went above and beyond traditional product support.  We plan to recommend the iPad Wall Mount to our customers."
Gary Russell
President, LiveSmart Technologies

“We believe you have the best product on the market!”
Lawrence Boyle, owner, Wild Cards and Gifts.

“The iPad Wall Mount bracket provided us with a perfect solution and was exactly what we needed.”  
Chief Instructors Adam Spicar, Spicar's Martial Arts & Taekwondo Karate Center

"I chose to use your brackets for the library to enable students to access our card catalog quickly. Previously students could access the catalog on the desktop computers in our lab but they had to log-on and wait for the computers to warm up." 
Amber Peterson, School Librarian, Issaquah,  WA. 

“I do like your product a lot and we have designed it into our product, the I-Form fitness machine.”
President / Advanced Fitness Technology, Inc.

"I am extremely satisfied with this unit and look forward to installing my second iPad wall bracket soon, and maybe a bracket for the mini iPad as well."
Brad, Chickasha, OK