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  Patent Pending No. 61/828,970

Mobizli is a sleek, secure case for iPad. Its security features enable the safe use of iPads in retail, banking, healthcare, government, education and many other businesses.

The Mobizli case provides a rugged cushion to protect against physical damage, hides the home button to prevent users from exiting your application and can hold a security chip to protect from theft.

With the Mobizli case and the right application, the iPad can become your interactive menu, customer service terminal, survey form, patient registration and discharge station, interactive book, teaching device and more. Here are some useful examples:


Provide your customers with an innovative and exciting dining experience using a iPad  + Mobizli case and one of the many existing menu iPad apps. With an interactive menu, you can give your customers more information about individual menu items, your restaurant’s history, or let them place orders directly to your kitchen. You can even make your restaurant business run more efficiently by removing some of the workload from your wait staff. All without worrying about possible damage to your iPad investment due to accidents or theft.

Give your customers the convenience, customization and full catalogue of an online store right in your retail space with an iPad + the Mobizli case. Use the iPad to showcase videos or games that highlight your goods or services. Customers love having access to more information at their own discretion, and your sales staff will appreciate having such a helpful resource at their fingertips as well. An iPad + our secure case can also be used to help customers quickly complete forms, take surveys, and even place online orders for items that are out of stock in your brick and mortar store.

Speed up the banking process at your branch with an iPad and the Mobizli case. Your bank customers will be able to complete forms and fill in applications while they wait to meet in person with a banking representative. They can also use the iPad + the Mobizli case  to review their accounts online and refer to their data if they have any questions.
Healthcare Providers

Make the check in and registration process less painful for your patients and your administrators. Using the iPad with the Mobizli case, multiple patients can instantly and simultaneously update their own health records and insurance information in the waiting room. Your staff can also use iPads with the Mobizli case to review medical records like x-rays with your patients and as portable workstations.

Expedite your hospital’s entry and discharge process with intuitive applications that patients can use directly on the iPad with Mobizli case. Hospital staff can also use the iPad and the Mobizli case to help educate patients regarding their health conditions. 

With beautiful and exciting interactive books, games, videos and applications on every subject under (and over) the sun, the iPad is transforming the way we learn. The Mobizli case now makes it safe and practical to provide even very young students with this unique and revolutionary educational tool. The Mobizli case’s rugged case protects your school’s investment. Its unique design features also helps students stay on task by hiding the home button and disabling unauthorized applications.
  Mobizli Case Main Features
Sleek Design

The Mobizli case clean design and curvy shape blend in seamlessly with the iPad while protecting your investment.
Charging Port Access

The charging port remains accessible so you can charge your iPad without needing to remove the Mobizli case.  
Exposed Speakers

Exposed speakers enable the use of the audio in your application.
Apple Logo Window

The strategically placed window maintains your iPad’s Apple brand identity.
Video Camera Access

The Mobizli’s front video window enables the use of the iPad’s high-end camera. 
RFID Label Holder

Before you close the Mobizli case, place an RFID label in its designated holder. You can use any standard retail RFID compatible security system to alarm you in the case of theft.
Mobizli Secure Case
View Details Mobizli is a sleek, secure case for iPad. Its security features enable the safe use of iPads in retail, banking, healthcare, government, education and many other businesses.

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